April 19, 2017, 12:41 pm
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The sun is shining and its warm out, given that you’re not walking under the shade of the tall buildings lining both sides of Wilshire Blvd. I can hear the birds chirping outside and I tell myself it’s a beautiful day, but beauty doesn’t curb anxiety. Beauty doesn’t cut it.

I’m anxious about returning to work in 35m.

I’ve been anxious af for two weeks, since I realized I hadn’t responded to an important email. ‘It’s been three days,’ I thought, ‘I’m embarrassed; it’s too late.’ I still haven’t responded to the email.

I can’t think clearly rn. I can’t focus on LSAT prep. And its bc I’ve not been this anxious in a cool minute. I forgot how bad it can get. Again, I digress.

The email… by the time I finished reading the email, I was in tears.

Some background: I applied for a criminal justice research position with my resume and a cover letter, which included my aspirations of contributing to the mental health community on account of my diagnosis. I’ve been honest about my diagnosis in tons of applications and, in part, I think this is the reason why I rarely get a response. This time, I got a response that warmed my soul. Instead of a criminal justice research position, the possibility of a mental health research position was mentioned. Already I was emotional, but then I read the last paragraph:

Thank you again Daniela, for your interest in this cause. And personally, thank you for being inspiring about bring mental health matters out of the dark shadows of shame.

‘Damn, there’s for sure hope in humanity,’ I thought.

Then, Monday morning, I felt ashamed… no one at my new work knows about my diagnosis because I am afraid to share this with them. I’m not ready to share this with them. I reflected on this until I remembered that I hadn’t responded to the email. Then, I was overwhelmed with anxiety, which still hasn’t passed.

The anxiety will pass, but I can’t let this opportunity pass on by. It means too much to me.

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